June 13th, 2024

Day 3 – Adaption and Evolution

The day is centred on embracing change and innovation in the blockchain and digital assets industry, highlighting the strategic foresight and adaptability required to thrive in this rapidly evolving industry. Through engaging discussions and interactive forums, participants will gain valuable perspectives on navigating the complexities and seizing the opportunities presented by the digital convergence

Digital Asset Breakfast – Expect the Unexpected

Parliament House Members Room

Join Blockchain Australia members for an engaging breakfast where together, we’ll delve into the latest forecasts, exploring developments in legal frameworks, security, insurance and taxation.

Open & Keynote


Digital Asset Breakfast

Parliament House – Members Dining Room


Michael Bacina, Chair – Blockchain Australia




Andrew Vranjes, VP of Sales and GM, APAC –  Blockdaemon



Legal Forecasts

Michele Levine – Hamilton Locke



Tackling Emerging Threats: Scams

Charis Chan – Chainalysis



Tax Forecasts

Joni Pirovich – BADASL



Security Forecasts

Kirk Baird – Sigma Prime



Risk Forecasts

Tim Edwards – HopgoodGanim Lawyers



Insurance Forecasts

Ryan Neary – GSA Insurance




Breakfast Networking

9:25am - 10:00am

Breakfast Networking

LIVE Interactive Q&A Forum

Parliament House Chair Stadium

Join us at Blockchain Week 2024 for a series of engaging Q&A sessions at Sydney’s Parliament House, where leading experts will tackle crucial topics such as CBDCs, stablecoins, digital identity verification, and the balance between decentralization and regulation, in a dynamic format inspired by ABC’s Q&A series.

Q&A Sessions Welcome


Q&A Welcome

Join us for a dynamic, audience-driven discussion with Paul Derham, Partner at Holley Nethercote, serving as the emcee, as they thoughtfully explore and debate crucial topics and innovative solutions within the blockchain and digital assets space.

Paul Derham – Holley Nethercote

Amy-Rose Goodey – Blockchain Australia

Q&A Session 1


Do CBDCs and Stablecoins Meet Real-World Needs?

This session will discuss the efficacy and real-world applicability of CBDCs and stablecoins, assessing whether these digital assets can fulfill the needs of modern digital economies. It will cover the perspectives of various stakeholders involved in the development, issuance, and analysis of these currencies.

Mark Staples – DFCRC

Effie Dimitroploulos – AUDD, Novatti Group

Dr Andrzej Gwidalski – WAWEB3, ACS

Rahul Advani – Ripple

Arturo Rodriguez – NotCentralised

Q&A Session 2


The Balancing Act – Digital Id, Verifications, Risks & Consequences

This session will delve deep into the multifaceted world of digital identities, emphasizing the challenges and limitations of current verification processes used by digital asset businesses, the prospective evolution of digital ID systems, and the critical issues of privacy and security within regulatory frameworks. The conversation will uncover the balancing act required to manage these elements effectively.

Samira Tollo – Elbaite

Michael Bacina – Piper Alderman

Ryan Kris – Verida

Blane Simms – Truebit

Kee Keffreys – Session



Global Regulatory Frameworks: An Overview

Vishal Sacheendran – Binance


Q&A Session 3


Decentralisation & Regulation

This session will delve into the complex interplay between decentralisation and regulation within the digital asset sector. It will cover critical aspects such as compliance, reporting requirements (e.g legal/tax), and the broader implications of decentralised models on these processes. The discussion will aim to uncover how innovative decentralised technologies can coexist with the regulatory frameworks intended to safeguard the industry and its consumers.

 Francis Ocampo – Not Centralised

Jamie Lumsden – Hamilton Locke

Chris Chen – Backpack Exchange

Dr Stephanie Bazley – Possible Ventures

Jamie Reed – Nexus Reporting



Official Closing


End of Event

Evening Networking Event

AusDefi Evening Networker

Date:  Thursday, 13 June 2024
Time: 5:30pm – Late
Location: Stone & Chalk Sydney Startup Hub – 11 York St · Sydney

Join AusDefi for an enriching evening of connection and insight at the Evening Networker, set amongst the backdrop of the Sydney Vivid Festival in the heart of the city. This event promises a casual yet focused atmosphere for professionals from all sectors of the global blockchain industry.