Day 3 – Brisbane – The Precinct

Worlds Biggest Web3 Classroom

Day 3 of Blockchain Week is dedicated to education, careers, entrepreneurship, innovation and building a business in Web3.

Join the world’s largest Web3 classroom at day 3 of Blockchain Week in Brisbane. Expect a day of entry level content for those who are new to the space and keen to dive into the world of digital currency and blockchain.

Themes Include:

  • Education: Accessible entry-level blockchain and digital currency education and workshops.
  • Careers: Discovery sessions on roles and skills provide insights into the requirements and responsibilities of various positions in the blockchain and decentralized technology industry, helping attendees identify potential opportunities and paths for growth in the space.
  • Business & Startups: How to leverage Web3 technology for innovative startups and successful use cases in blockchain and decentralised technologies.
  • Youth: Workshops, labs, and hands-on sessions for young people to learn about Web3 technologies, career paths, and the history and future of money.

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Agenda Quick Guide

Master Of Ceremonies: Danielle Marie, TAFE Queensland

8:50am - 2:30pm

Adults – Stair Stadium

Digital Currency, Blockchain & Web3 Beginners Education Series

Includes Morning Tea & Lunch

9:00am - 2:30pm

Youth – Workshop Arena

Blockchain & Web3 Workshops & Hands On Labs

Gordon Christian – Digital Playhouse and Stacks Australia
Electra FrostDigital Playhouse Foundation
Kieran Nolan – The School Of Bitcoin
MentisAtman Academy

Includes Morning Tea & Lunch

Detailed Agenda


Adults – Stair Stadium


Amy-Rose Goodey, Head of Operations, Blockchain Australia

Queensland Government & The Precinct

Opening Address


Digital Currency Decoded

Katrina Donaghy, CEO – Civic Ledger


What’s so special about Bitcoin?

Milly Rowett, Engineering Manager – Cash App


Safe CEX with Swyftx

Tommy Honan,  Head of Commercial Operations – Swyftx


What are NFT’s?

Darren Rogan, Founder – Rogues Lab & Gold Coast Blockchain Meetup


Safety & Storage

Seamus McNab, CTO – Mycelium


Scams, Consumer Protection, Tax & Risk

[MOD] Shanice Desilva, Marketing and Brand Strategist – Take3
Lachlan Feeney, Founder & CEO – Labrys
Mat Merlehan, Tax On Chain
Paul Kang, Co-Founder – Entersoft


Morning Tea & Networking



Adults – Stair Stadium

Blockchain Decoded

Nathan Burns, Co-Founder – Blockchain Collective


The Evolution of Blockchain: Memes, Utility Coins & Tokenisations

Sean White, Business Development – XDC Network (Australia)

*Be sure to register for the XDC Builders Workshop on registration


Business on Blockchain – A Comprehensive Approach to Building, Investment & Marketing

[MOD] Katrina Donaghy, CEO Civic Ledger
Steve Milburn, Co-Founder – DltX
Viola Hui, Head of Marketing – AXL Ventures
Renee Francis, Founder & Director – Bubble Co. & Take3
Darren Langley, General Manager – Rocket Pool


Built On Blockchain: Real World Use Cases

[MOD] Jordan Franklin, Founder – Happy Spender
Emma Crudgington,
Growth & Community Manager – PUML
Drew Flaherty, Chief Technology Officer – Powerplay
Zach Varnier, Web3 Program Director – AXL Ventures
Sean White, Business Development – XDC Network (Australia)


RapidFire: Web3 In Action

[MOD] Sonja Bernhardt, Speaker, Entrepreneur & Technologist
Jo Rocca, Blockchain Developer – Labrys
Eoin Flynn, Head of Operations – Tymlez
David Harris, Strategy & Partnerships – Cur8
Jordan Franklin, Founder – Happy Spender


The History of the Brisbane Bitcoin Meetup: A Decade of Community Building

Lucas Cullen, Co-Founder – DLTx


11:30am - 1:30pm

Youth – Workshop Arena

School Of Bitcoin

Kieran Nolan – School Of Bitcoin


Lunch & Networking



Blockchain Builders Lab

XDC Network

Dive into Blockchain with XDC Network’s Introductory Workshop!

  • Explore the world of blockchain with Dr. Fisher Yu, a renowned Blockchain Security scholar and Lead Technical Advisor of the XDC Network Protocol Team.
  • Demystify buzzwords, understand importance of decentralisation, and discover the significance of blockchain technology.
  • Hands-on experience with Bitcoin Proof-of-Work (PoW) protocol, including coding practice and Bitcoin mining simulation.
  • Learn about the XDC Network, its energy-efficient Delegated Proof of Stake Protocol, and seamless Ethereum migration.
  • Create your own XDC wallet and get introduced to the “no-code” XRC20 token creation platform “Origin.” Attendees will be dev’ing on XDC in no time.
  • Gain confidence and a solid understanding of blockchain technology, with a taste of being a Web3 wizard and XDC Network builder.

Note: Attendees may wish to bring a 256×256 px (.png) image for XRC20 token creation (optional) and be ready to or have already installed the XDCPay wallet on Google Chrome (password & seed phrase required).

Reserve your place by selecting the session during registration, or connect with a team member on the day to sign up.



Blockchain Applications: A Lifecycle Approach
Location: River City Labs Event Space

Tokens For Humanity

Workshop Overview:
The workshop will provide an overview of the end-to-end lifecycle of a blockchain application, including the planning and design, development, testing and deployment, maintenance and upgrades, and disposal phases. The workshop will emphasise the importance of security, reliability, and compliance throughout the entire lifecycle. A case study will also be presented on an NFT project, highlighting how the lifecycle phases are implemented in the context of the case project.

Tokens for Humanity Overview:
Tokens for Humanity is an ACNC registered charity that builds software applications for charities to continue to do their work without worrying about technical complexities.

We believe blockchain technology and cryptoassets have significant potential for charity organisations. Tokens for Humanity’s current objectives are to showcase how Australian charities can use blockchain technology, and to enable cryptoasset philanthropy by building blockchain applications for charities to fundraise in crypto.

Reserve your place by selecting the session during registration, or connect with a team member on the day to sign up.



Crypto Fundamentals
Location: Stair Stadium

Binance Labs

Workshop Overview:
Delve into the heart of cryptocurrency transactions, explaining the difference between centralised and decentralised exchanges, and the significance of public and private exchanges. Furthermore, you’ll gain a solid understanding of crypto wallets, essential tools for safely holding and transacting in crypto. Whether you’re taking your first step into cryptocurrency or aiming to enhance your existing knowledge, this workshop provides the tools to engage with confidence in this dynamic digital currency landscape.


  1. Understanding of cryptocurrency and its significance.
  2. Overview of blockchain technology.
  3. Centralised vs decentralised exchanges.
  4. Public and private exchanges explained.
  5. Crypto wallets: An essential tool.
  6. Differing types of crypto wallets.
  7. Importance of private and public keys.
  8. Safe crypto handling practices.
  9. Security considerations in cryptocurrency.
  10. Practical steps for starting in crypto.

Reserve your place by selecting the session during registration, or connect with a team member on the day to sign up.

Day 3 Afterparty – Brought To You By DLTx

Official Day 3 Afterparty

Brought to you by DLTx

Location: The Precinct, Level 2/315 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley – Brisbane
6:00pm – 9:00pm