Day 4 – Global – Online

International Landscape

A day of international perspectives, featuring keynote addresses and panel discussions exploring the regulatory landscapes of APAC, EU, US & the Middle East.

Themes Include:

  • Geopolitical trends: How global politics are shaping the future of blockchain and digital currency.
  • Regulatory frameworks: Regional perspectives on the evolving regulatory landscape for digital assets.
  • Emerging markets: Opportunities and challenges for blockchain and digital currency in emerging economies.
  • Compliance: Navigating Complex Cross Border Regulations, Ensuring Interoperability, and Fostering international Collaboration.

International Perspectives Program

Blockchain Week Opening Address

8:00 am

Chairs Welcome

Michael Bacina, Chair, Blockchain Australia

Keynote Address


Global Outlook – Looking Back to Look Forward

Gracy Chen, Managing Director – Bitget



Caitlin Long: Pioneering the New Frontier of Finance in the United States with Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, and Digital Assets

Caitlin Long, Founder and CEO – Custodia Bank

Fireside Chat


United States in Focus: A Conversation with the SEC on Blockchain Compliance and Innovation in the US.

 [Mod] Blockchain Australia CEO – Announced During Blockchain Week
Commissioner Hester M. Peirce – U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

Fireside Chat


US-Australia Dialogue: Navigating US Digital Asset Regulation

[Mod] John Bassilios, Director – Blockchain Australia and Partner – Hall & Wilcox
Blockchain Australia CEO – Announced During Blockchain Week
Marisa Coppel, Policy Counsel – US Blockchain Association
Sarah Milby, Senior Policy Director – US Blockchain Association

Fireside Chat


Blockchain & Accelerating NSW Emerging Tech Adoption and Industry Growth

[Mod] Yin Man, Digital Director – Office of the Building Commissioner
Mark Lenzner, Executive Director ICT / Digital Sourcing – NSW Department of Customer Service

Fireside Chat


Building for the future: a conversation between Zero Hash and tastytrade on rebuilding trust in crypto with international regulators and consumers.

[MOD] Edward Woodford, CEO & Co-Founder –  Zero Hash 
Stuart Cureton, COO, International – Tastytrade



Fireside Chat



Chasing Digital Shadows: Cryptocurrency, Forensics, and the Pursuit of Law Enforcement in the Hidden Depths of the Internet

Mark Bailey, Director Corporate Finance & Forensics – Hall Chadwick
Graham Pease, Queensland Police Detective & Chainalysis Training Specialist

Panel Session


Building a Compliant Blockchain Ecosystem in Asia Pacific: Strategies and Best Practices for Compliance, Regulation, and Risk Management

[MOD] Alison Mackie, Executive Director – NZTech
Rahul Advani,
Policy Director – Ripple
Angela Ang, Senior Policy Advisor – TRM Labs
Manan Vora, Sr. VP Strategy and Operations – Liminal

Panel Session


Unlocking the Potential of the APAC Blockchain Landscape: Insights into Trends, Building Strategies, and Investment and Funding Opportunities

[MOD] Leah Callon-Butler, Director – Emfarsis
Andrew Vranjes, VP of Sales and GM, APAC – Blockdaemon
Alex Sims, Member of Executive Council – Blockchain New Zealand
Simon Keeling, Director | Emerging Companies – Growth Advisory – PWC
Annie Ong, General Manager – Chainup



Panel Session


Meeting Global AML/CFT Standards: Navigating Compliance Challenges and Opportunities for Digital Assets

[MOD] Steven Pettigrove, Special Counsel – Piper Alderman
Paul Derham, Managing Partner – Holley Nethercote
John Bassilios, Partner – Hall & Wilcox
Louisa Xu, Senior Legal Counsel – Australian Payments Plus



Navigating Cross-border Trades with Blockchain: A Global Focus

Sunil Senapati, COO Trade & Payments – XDC Network

Panel Session


Fueling the Future: Exploring Investment, Startup, and Career Opportunities in the Australian Blockchain and Digital Asset Industry.

[MOD] Sophie Amat, Analyst – Crypto Sense
Mitchell Travers, Co-Founder – Soulbis
Gaurav Johri, Senior Advisor – AUSTRADE
Helen Ye, CEO – Qubit Underwriting
Henrik Andersson, Chief Investment Officer – Apollo Crypto

Fireside Chat


Striking the Balance: A Fireside Chat with ASIC on Nurturing Innovation While Upholding Regulatory Objectives

[MOD] Caroline Bowler, CEO – BTC Markets
Jonathan Hatch, Solicitor & Senior Advisor – ASIC Innovation Hub 

Regulatory Roundtable


Defining the Regulatory Perimeter for Digital Currency in Australia: Navigating Compliance and Innovation in a Rapidly Evolving Landscape

[MOD] Stephanie Bazley, Investment Research Manager – AirTree
Chagri Poyraz, Global Head of Sanctions – Binance
Simon Tsapepas, Managing Director – Madison Branson Lawyers
Michael Bacina, Chair – Blockchain Australia & Partner – Piper Alderman
Jaime Lumsden, Partner – Hamilton Locke
Michael Mavromatis, Partner – Holley Netercote
Adam Percy, General Councel – Swyftx

Regulatory Roundtable


Taxing the Future: Exploring the Implications of Web3 Blockchain, Metaverse, and Digital ID on Taxation

[MOD] Michele Levine, Partner – Hamilton Locke
Greg Valles, Managing Director – Valles Accountants
Ray Wang, CEO – Luca Plus
Shane Brunette, CEO – Crypto Tax Calculator
Maryna Kovalenko, Co-Founder – Kova Tax & Syla
Danny Talwar, Head of Tax – Koinly
Joni Pirovich, Principal – BADASL
Callan Sarre, Director – CryptoCate

Fireside Chat


Building the Digital Asset Landscape in the Middle East: Regulatory Compliance and Opportunities in Dubai

[MOD] Nathan Catania, Partner – XReg
Chloe White, Managing Director – Genesis Block

Panel Discussion


Disrupting the Status Quo: How Europe’s Evolving Regulations are Shaping the Future of Digital Assets

[MOD] Gordon Little, Head Of Policy – Blockchain Australia
Lawrence Wintermeyer,
Chair – GBBC Digital Finance
Caroline Malcolm, Global Head Of Compliance – Chainalysis
Anatole Baboukhian, Senior Manager, Public Policy (EMEA), Crypto & Digital Asset Public Policy (Global) – Worldpay from FIS



Official Closing